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Bean-to-Bar Functional Mushroom Chocolate with 100% organic fruiting body mushroom extracts

Our Impact

We are on a mission to share the world's highest-quality mushrooms while giving back to the local communities who cultivate our cacao.  We help support those farmers in continuing to practice sustainable farming while earning better wages.  The result is a world-class bean-to-bar chocolate experience amplified by organic Lion's Mane, Reishi, Cordyceps, and Chaga mushroom extracts formulated to support your mind, immune system, and physical fitness.

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100% organic Fruiting body mushrooms

We only use the industry's best, 100% organic, fruiting body mushroom extracts.  In each bar, we blend a combination of Reishi, Lions Mane, Cordyceps, and Chaga extracts to support your mind, body, and health.

Learn more about the mushrooms here.

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Supporting local cacao farmers

We work directly with cacao farmers across the globe to cut out the middlemen and source some of the world's best cacao.  Each community is committed to sustainable farming and promoting a healthy environment.  To help support those communities, we pay at least 40% higher than the market price for our cacao.


World class chocolate

We are dedicated to quality and only source the absolute best cacao.  We have partnered with world-class chocolatiers to formulate the perfect cacao and mushroom pairing.  The result is exceptionally high-quality bean-to-bar chocolate with a complex flavor profile sure to delight any chocolate lover.

About Us

At Mycoday, we are passionate about mushrooms, chocolate, sustainability, and helping the communities we work with. 


The market is filled with mushroom products that make false claims, contain only mycelium filler, and often fail to provide any of the benefits they claim.  The world is also filled with chocolate that uses cacao sourced through horribly unsustainable practices that also subject communities to unspeakable horrors.  We strive to be different.  We care about the communities farming our cacao.  We work hard to support them and their way of life, and we believe that working with them is essential to creating premium chocolate.  We also care about using mushroom extracts with no filler, sourced only from fruiting bodies, and scientifically extracted to maximize beneficial compounds that support your mind, body, and health.

We work extremely hard to deliver the best products and experiences possible to our customers.

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