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The Mycoday story

It all began in Chiapas, Mexico, when Kevin and Dennis forged close relationships with local cacao farmers who were dedicated to growing the best caco.  They were inspired to use their mushroom expertise and industry influence to support the local communities and create the world's best functional mushroom chocolate. 

They continued cultivating mushrooms and expanding their mushroom network while also becoming skilled at the art of chocolate-making.  Through the journey, they've connected with expert chocolatiers across the globe and spent thousands of hours perfecting their chocolate formulation.  

Mycoday has now forged relationships with cacao farmers across the globe, who are growing some of the world's best cacao.  They have also connected with the industry's premier mushroom cultivators and extractors.  They crafted a delicate balance between them, balancing tasting notes and potencies to create Mycoday's functional mushroom chocolate.

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